E-Learning Solution

Why Bonifon LMS

Bonifon LMS is a panacea of innovative and smart learning management system for schools and colleges which disseminates state of the art learning experience with progressive educational strategies. This automated platform hosts the benefits of high learner experience quotient, optimized integration of blended learning, and deep monitoring. Bonifon LMS equipped with a streamlined training process, courses organized online, advanced tracking and reporting function, easily accessible features, and time and cost-saving benefits are a silver bullet for the daily learning management operational setbacks.


LMS for Higher Education

Tailor-made learning solution to ensure continuous learning for college students.

Bonifon LMS creates an educational workflow that assimilates a modern, centralized, and engaging platform for college students and educators. Teachers are enabled to create content and students can access it from any place. Blended learning is enabled.

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LMS for Schools

A potent way to retain interactive learning experience outside the classroom.

Conducting a class and retaining the interactive learning environment outside the academic vicinity has often turned out to be futile. Bonifon LMS offers a smart solution of an online learning platform that shapes up the concept of e-learning and its management. Teachers can assign works, create intriguing courses, post grades, and share content whereas students can view content and grades, attend online exams, etc. Student performance and learning progress are tracked continuously giving students a feeling parallel to school.

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E-Learning for Organization

Online training to make your employees more efficient and productive

For an organisation to establish and run successfully, a skilled and efficient workforce is a must. With changing times, it’s imperative to update and renew the skillset of employees. Bonifon LMS is a platform that fuels today’s intelligent enterprises. In contrast to traditional one-on-one training which is cost-intensive and time-consuming, virtual training makes it feasible for both the organisation and employees, aiding the tracking of individual performance which in turn creates an edge in the business.

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Every institution or organisation can have its customised ios or Android mobile app with the institution name as an app name and its logo as an app logo. The app can be accessed from anywhere on any device. All one need is a basic knowledge of using a computer. The app certainly provides a centralized environment for all the users to collaborate and align their focus to increase productivity.

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Drives maximum information retention and competency that boosts student cognitive capacity.

Built-in quizzing and varied question types like short answer questions, essay questions, objective multiple-choice questions; descriptive answer questions, fill in the blanks, etc. are developed in the system. Advanced quiz question types, timers, reporting, and surveys, retake limits are also integrated into the Bonifon LMS.

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-Nothing is more convincing than direct experience. Explore Bonifon LMS and its custom e-learning software for free to taste the satisfaction of your choice.

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