School bus Tracking system

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Location-based intelligence is deployed to track the entire trip. A simultaneous view of fleet activity with location history is updated live. Conduct of the driver, student safety, and speed limits are monitored regularly.

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Routes and student stops are automatically scheduled with no confusions. The details of the students and driver on the bus are digitally saved. Students’ entry points and destinations along with the route and running time are entered in the digital logbook. Facilitates ‘shift-over’ of drivers and paperless maintenance.

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School authorities and parents get personalised alerts about boarding and deboarding of students. Time of pick up, halts, route and distance, route deviations, emergencies, etc. are tracked and instant notifications are delivered to both parents and school authorities to ensure the safe journey of students.

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DRIVER assessment

The driver’s essential qualities are assessed and behaviour en route is surveilled. Driving skills and knowledge including communication, bus conduct, patience, preparedness for emergencies, responsible and safe driving are watched, recorded, and assessed. Violation of rules; harsh conduct; route deviations and halt time; and inappropriate behaviour are kept under watch.

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Routes are auto-optimised from the starting point to the destination using system intelligence. Multiple pick up points along a single route is managed. Changes in boarding and deboarding points are monitored continuously, besides opting for the shortest route with less traffic to reduce running time.

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Double attendance

To ensure kids’ safety, Bonifon has integrated the feature of recording kids’ attendance twice i.e., at the time of boarding till reaching school and while boarding the bus after school hours till reaching home. School authorities and parents are involved in recording attendance. Regular timings of boarding and deboarding are stipulated and student attendance is recorded instantly avoiding errors. Instant alerts are given for mishaps and emergencies if any.

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Your escort in fleet management.

Connect. Automate. Optimize

Bonifon GPS is a phenomenal, intelligent solution for ensuring and establishing an optimized, completely automated fleet management system. Bonifon GPS which is integrated with the school ERP is an exceptional choice for schools to track the school buses and to set up a connection between the students, parents, and school authorities, and transport management to confirm student safety. The connection between people, their work, assets are instituted via the transportation which is made feasible by this GPS solution and one hundred per cent compliance with the guidelines makes it the best available GPS solution for any organisation’s fleet activity.

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